Sunday, August 21, 2011

A hard mornings work

This week we got our annual shipment of straw bales from KED Farms in Wisconsin. Unlike hay, straw is only made once a year. Straw is the waste product of the harvesting of either oats or wheat. With Wagner going through over 700 bales a year when we get straw in comes to us by the semi truck load. While a straw bale is only about 60 pounds they tend to feel much heavier the more you have to move them. This year we had a great crew of helpers to empty the truck. It didn't hurt that the temperature was only in the low 80's.

In the last picture of the bales see if you can find Blackie the cat. A couple weeks ago Blackie gave us a scare. He was coming towards the farm from the parking lot (and yes he was using the cross walk) and got hit by a car. Jeff got him to the vet who said Blackie had a hairline fracture but otherwise was fine. Now days Blackie stays as far from the street as possible