A. Farmer

A curmudgeonly farmer caught in a young man's body is a terribly sad fate. Nevertheless, A. Farmer's grizzly hair and charming crankiness delight children everywhere. A. Farmer has a love for taking care of his herd and a very strong dislike for social media (some might even say hate). When he's not working 12-hour days, he enjoys knitting sweaters and curing bacon. 

Patrick Fox

Patrick volunteers at Wagner Historic Farm as a livestock interpreter, milking demonstrator, historic article author, guest blogger, and occasionally, whatever tasks are available (selling Christmas trees, gardening, etc.). He’s never lived on a farm, but he’s very interested in history, and he loves working with animals. Someday, he hopes to finish his PhD and become a history professor at the university level. Besides writing and history, he also enjoys watching sports, cooking, botany, and listening to jazz and blues music. 

Jena Johnson

A sixth-generation farm girl from Michigan, Jena spent her early childhood jumping hay bales and chasing cats around her family's hundred-acre farm. New to the dairy business, Jena was brought on to help tell the farm's story and inspire new conversations about the importance of argiculture. In her free time, she likes to take pretty pictures and begin (but rarely finish) new crochet projects.

Me Hansburg

Me's family roots were from Norweigan farmers who settled in Wisconsin and taught her to love the land. A professor, writer, and dedicated Farm volunteer, Me is a published poet, essayist and short story author. She is a graduate of Trinity Lutheran Seminary and has previously served as a Lutheran Pastor in Columbus, Ohio. 

Todd Price

A decade ago, Todd got the chance to run a very special farm. What made it special? Well, this little 18-acre patch is sitting amongst the suburbs of Chicago. Todd's days are filled with milking cows, pulling weeds and introducing kids to farming. Todd enjoys giving visitors a peek behind the curtain at Historic Wagner Farm.