Friday, September 23, 2011

Old friends

Before I came to Wagner Farm I was the director of a historic site in Lafayette, Indiana. The place was called the Museums At Prophetstown. It was a unique venture between the State of Indiana and the museum. The concept was to have a historical attraction within the boundaries of the new state park that they were just completing. The Museums at Prophetstown had three different areas of interpretation. There was the 1811 Native American village, a restored tall grass prairie and a 1920's farm. To be working on such a massive new project was very exciting. The hard part being, this was the first time Laura and I had moved away from home. With a six month old baby and no family around it wasn't easy. As the museum got up and rolling I put out the call for volunteers for the historic farm. We were blessed to not only attract a great corps of helpers but also people who made Laura, Cassidy and I part of their family. When the time came to move on to the next job is was hard to leave our Indiana family. This week Helen, Lucille and Jean came up to Glenview to check in on me. We had a good time talking about the old days and showing what we've been up to recently.