Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lake Forest Bonfire

On Sunday Robin, Laura and I traveled to Lake Forest to help them with the annual Bagpipes and Bonfire event. This is always an interesting event. This year it was made all the more exciting when we blew a tire on the people wagon. With the help of one of their workers we got some air in the tire. Once inflated, we could still hear an air leak coming out of the valve stem. In true farmer fashion we wired it up and packed it full of duct tape in hopes of limping along with the ride. Ten minutes later we were flat again. So much for "the handy mans secret weapon - duct tape". Since the ground was soft from the recent rains we chose to push on even with the flat tire. Despite the strange mangled rubber sounds coming from the tire we did pretty good for about 45 minutes. Then the ponies Bob and Sue whispered to us that this arrangement wasn't going to work for them anymore. The increased load caused by the flat was just too much to ask them to pull up and down the hills of Lake Forest. With a unanimous vote, we loaded up and ran for home. Every year our trip to Bagpipes and Bonfires seems to supply us with another year's worth of stories.