Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Outdated exhibit

Yesterday, the world past a milestone that impacted one of the exhibits in the Heritage Center. According to a United Nations demographic report, the world's population crossed 7 billion people yesterday. We have an exhibit that uses an apple to represent the world and different pieces can be slide out to show just how much of the earth's surface can be used to grow crops. In case you are curious, if the oceans, mountains, deserts, cities and the other places where you obviously can't grow crops are eliminated you end up with only 3% of the worlds surface that can be used in food production. The exhibit copy, which was written about seven years ago says the world's population is a little over 6 billion. Kind of funny when something you think is new becomes outdated.
Another tidbit, when Thomas and Julia Wagner built their farm in the 1920's the world population was under 2 billion total people.