Saturday, December 3, 2011

Getting ready

This coming Tuesday the 4-H kids will be hitting the road for their annual Holiday caroling through the neighborhood. It is something that was started pretty early on in the life of the club. The first year we went out we did so on foot. We must have looked menacing as very few people opened their doors to us. The next year we hooked up the pick-up truck to the hayrack and drove through the neighborhood. This was a little more successful but by the time most folks got to their door to see what all the commotion was we were past. Over the last couple years we have gotten a lot better response by sending out a notice before hand that we are coming by. This year we are taking our game to the next level by actually practicing first. Maybe more people will open their doors if we don't sound like a herd of screeching cats. On Friday we had our first vocal practice. All was going well until I broke out the microphone. I never knew we had so many, hmm, all-stars. Still it was a lot of fun.