Friday, December 30, 2011

Here is number 1

This started out as a little look back at some of my highlights for 2011 at Wagner Farm. For the number one position I did not chose a single event but rather something that drives me in my role as director here at Wagner. The number one highlight this year for me was getting the chance to teach. I know for some this might be somewhat anticlimactic so I'm sorry if I let you down. The thing is, I really like to teach. Whether it is one person, a class or even a lecture hall, passing something on is fun. In my job, I spend most of my time as a manager. It is kind of funny, I run a farm but have to actually work hard to find time to leave the office and get outside. So, when I get the chance to teach, it is just the greatest. In 2011 I got to show preschools how to press apples. I taught elementary kids how to hand milk a cow. I even lead my daughter Cassidy's final school field trip of the year to Wagner Farm. It was a great 2011.

Enjoy 2012.