Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Here is number 10

In the spring, one of the great friends of the farm, Ed Koenig was honored by the Village of Glenview as the Citizen of the Year. I am sure Ed won't mind sharing his honor with the countdown. I considered this list worthy because it is people like Ed and the Friends of Wagner Farm who have helped make the museum, and the community what it is. Ed has an interesting story that relates to Wagner Farm. His family used to be in the dairy business. Back at the turn of the century they would go from farm to farm picking up milk and cream and then processing it for sale. Koenig Dairy did very well and was eventually purchased by Borden. If you will scroll down the blog page and look at the original Dairy Breakfast art on the right side of the screen you will see a picture showing a Koenig Dairy truck stopping by Wagner Farm. As we got ready to open the Heritage Center Ed gave us a 1925 Ford model T truck painted in the Koenig company colors. it is still on exhibit in the main hall. Congratulations Ed on an honor that is so well deserved.