Saturday, December 17, 2011

Top 12

Come this time of year I try to figure out something a little different to blog post. Last year's 12 days of farm Christmas worked well but I had a different idea for this year. Instead of the 12 days of Christmas I thought it might be interesting to do 12 highlights from the year. Narrowing the options was a bit hard but I think I have a few that stand out.
To get this effort started I wanted to offer up a Honorable Mention - the new farmyard shed. The twists and turns on getting the shed have been numerous but in May it finally started coming out of the ground. Over the course of the summer, farm staff worked hard to have it ready for fall programs. When Glenview's Springman Jr. High came we were able to teach one of the segments in the new shed. There is still a little grading to do but it is already serving the farm well.