Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter project

A while back the Farm was given a Massey-Harris 33 tractor. It had a sound body but needed some engine and transmission work. Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers Paul and Dick, the mechanical parts are now working fine. They guys have moved on to the restoration of the metal work and giving the 33 a fresh coat of paint. When I went down to snap a couple of shots I got to start it up and move the tractor back to its bay. There is something very different about a Massey that I find intriguing. Growing up on the farm there wasn't a lot of tractor diversity. The majority of the farms ran Farmall Internationals. The second most popular was John Deere and then a couple families had Allis-Chalmers. There was no one who had Masseys so I guess this is where my real interest in learning and working with this old 33 comes from. If you are used to the sounds the different tractors make the Massey is different in that it actually sounds more like a car than it does a tractor.

As the restoration continues I will post some more pictures to show the progress.