Friday, February 24, 2012

Crafty Calves-and Families too!

Posted by Sarah:

One of my favorite winter program offerings is Crafty Calves. Children and their parents (or grandparents) can come to the farm one day each month to learn about a particular animal. This month we featured our pigs. Particpants had a chance to meet the animals up close, read a story about them, and make a piggy bank craft to take home and enjoy.
The thing I like most about this program is the child and adult interaction that takes place. I remember trips and classes I got to take with my grandparents and how special it made me feel. In the picture above, this grandmother got her fingers sticky with glue as she helped her two granddaughters make the pig craft, held their hands as they watched the pigs eat their breakfast, and enjoyed their laughter while they heard a story about pigs living in trees. It's not very often that we take the time to enjoy these special moments with our loved ones, and I'm so glad we can offer programs that encourage this shared activity.