Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our broom maker

If you have been a blog follower then you will remember the posts back in October of last year when we harvested the broom corn crop. It is one thing to harvest, another thing to actually use the material. Now that winter has given us a couple of minutes of breathing room I asked one of our talented staff members Christine if she wouldn't mind helping us work on this project. With some training from Sarah and Lindsay and a lot of youtube videos Christine is kicking out some really nice samples. She started with small whisks and has been working up to full sized brooms. It is really neat to have something that was grown, harvested and made right here on the farm. Talk about locally grown! The other thing I like is the wide range of colors. In the old days they wanted all of the broom straw to be the same color. Jeff branched out when picking seeds in the spring and got us straw that ranges from the browns all the way to rust and red. We hope to have the brooms in the gift shop by next month. If you are looking for something unique swing by the Farm and pick one up.