Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tractor Restoration Progress

Posted by Allyson

The past few weeks, Wager Farm volunteers Paul and Scott have been hard at work finishing up the restoration of the farm's 1955 Massey-Harris 33 tractor. With the weather turning warmer, Paul and Scott have been putting the finishing touches on the tractor so that they can start focusing on the fields and garden outside when April and May arrive. They've been spending the majority of their time and effort on the restoration of the tractor's metal work and paint since all of the mechanical parts are now in working order. When I stopped down in the basement last week, they were cleaning the front and rear wheels and giving them a fresh coat of harvest gold paint.

As you can see, it's coming together really nicely. Still in the works are a new battery, headlights, and decals and the addition of some safety triangles in case the tractor is every taken on the road. For now, plans are to use it for hay rides at special events and maybe even take it out on the weekends for families to enjoy.