Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Celebrity Sighting at Baconfest

Posted by Allyson

One more note about Baconfest that Todd forgot to mention...  While we there scoping out the food and festivities, someone pointed out a reporter with a camera crew in tow.  As it turns out, the reporter in front of the camera was Ali Fedotowsky.  Ali isn't a celebrity in the bacon world, but she is a celebrity to reality television enthusiasts who watch ABC's The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.  Since then, she's moved on to hosting NBC's new travel show 1st Look.  She must have been filming a segment for a future episode while we were there since she kept smiling and posing for the camera after each bite of bacon. Once we figured out who she was, Cassidy and I managed to catch her in between takes and get a photo with her.  (One of us is admittedly a fan.)  Although I went to Baconfest hoping to maybe sight a famous celebrity pig, meeting Ali still made me "squeal" with excitement.  There's always next year to meet Miss Piggy or Babe!