Saturday, April 21, 2012

Egg Farmer Speaks to Volunteers

 Posted by Allyson

Back in October, one of our volunteers, Jack, suggested that I contact the American Egg Board since they are headquartered in nearby Park Ridge and try to arrange a speaker for one of our upcoming volunteer meetings. After things slowed down a bit last fall, I contacted the AEB and was put in touch with Ashley, their Industry Communications Director. Ashley worked very hard to line up a speaker for our quarterly volunteer meeting this month, and on Wednesday night, we were joined by Sean Delano, Director of Sales at S&R Egg Farm in Whitewater, Wisconsin.

Sean graciously spoke to a crowd of more than 30 volunteers and staff about modern egg production and farming practices. The farm where Sean works is a third generation family-owned and operated egg farm with nearly 2.5 million chickens, producing as many as 2 million eggs per day for families throughout the Midwest! The farm has grown from 12,000 chickens in 1958 to over 2 million today and continues to provide consumers with farm fresh eggs (typically eggs are processed, packed, and ready for delivery within 24 hours of being laid) from chickens raised according to strict animal care and dietary standards (hens are fed an all-natural vegetarian diet - no hormones, no antibiotics). They even have an automated animal waste removal system that turns chicken manure into organic fertilizer. Look for CHICK MAGIC the next time you visit your local lawn and garden store!

We are very appreciative of Ashley’s efforts to arrange for Sean to speak to the volunteers at Wagner Farm on Wednesday and very grateful for Sean’s willingness to give so generously of his time and share his expertise with us. His presentation was by far the highlight of our National Volunteer Week celebrations.