Monday, April 2, 2012

Updating the Archive & Reminiscing

Posted by Allyson

The talents of the volunteers at Wagner Farm are quite remarkable and diverse. If you kept up with the blog last week, you know that Wagner Farm volunteers Paul and Scott kept busy during the month of March working on the continued restoration of the farm's Massey-Harris tractor. While they were busy working away in the basement, Mary Alayne, a retired librarian and also a volunteer of the farm, started updating the Wagner Farm archive. The archive contains published articles, marketing materials, newsletters, and an assortment of other odds and ends related to the farm that have been collected over the years and was in need of some attention as it had not been updated in over a year! Over the course of several weeks, Mary Alayne patiently sifted through and filed all of the articles and advertisements that had been saved since late 2010. It was quite the task to tackle, though many of us at the farm found it interesting to browse through the archive while it was out and look over some of the early newspaper articles and materials from when the farm was first purchased and opened to the public. It is truly amazing how much the farm has grown and changed in the past decade! We are very thankful that Mary Alayne was able to donate her time and expertise to this important project and also give us the opportunity to reminiscence a bit.