Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kings Hill Farm

posted by Christine
The Farmer's Market has been noticeably missing one of our favorite new vendors the past couple weeks. King's Hill Farm joined us this year, selling a beautiful variety of organic produce. You can see from the picture (take three weeks ago) that their presentation was lovely! Unfortunately, they have been hard hit by the drought. King's Hill is located in the heart of S.W. Wisconsin where they haven't had a drop of rain in over 60 days. Joel, the farm manager, told me that their farm is a 95% total loss. At this point, they are just trying to figure out how to keep solvent for next year. Like most organic farmers they do not carry drought insurance because of the cost. "Farming is a high risk game", Joel told me. I'm very sad for them but also really impressed with their hard work and determination to bounce back next year. Everybody pray hard for rain!