Friday, August 10, 2012

2012 Lake County Fair

I have been really bad about getting the fair wrap up on the blog but better late than never.

For the 2012 fair the Glenview Clovers took 32 livestock and over 90 projects. For those who aren't familiar with the fair it is the culmination of the 4-H year. Where as scouts work on badges, 4-Her’s work on projects that then get judged and ranked. The types of projects ranged this year from Cody’s restoration of a tractor to Max’s poultry to Anna’s pen and ink drawings.
In the lamb class our kids were very successful. Katie and Claire brought home the Grand and Reserve champions for the fair. Cassidy was awarded top lamb showman.

The swine project made steady gains this year and we had a number of animals that did quite well in the rate of gain category. We are still in the hunt for the elusive class champion and above. One of the hardest parts in the swine project is to bring all the pigs to the fair in the required weight range. They have to be above 220 and below 270 to make it. In years past we have had pigs on both sides of the bracket. This year the kids worked really hard to monitor diet and exercise and their work paid off in every single pig making weight. It must have been all those trips to the swimming pool at Wagner that helped.

The final group of livestock that the Clovers showed was dairy. The kid’s 11 entries made up the largest single group display in the barn. For the 4-H Jr. show Cody took Grand Champion.
The Clovers will also be sending four members to the Illinois State Fair this coming week. Claire was chosen for her genealogy project. Max did a demonstration on how to rebuild an engine. Cody restored a John Deere “model A” tractor and Cassidy did a blacksmithing project.