Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bring on the snow

Our resident carpenter, Andy has been working on a really neat project as of late.  A couple years back, Lloyd Bettis found us a early 1900's horse-drawn wood box bed sled.  Because of huge projects like the new shed and silo project we have not had time to work on the sled.  Now that the dust has somewhat settled the restoration of the sled has commenced. The plan is to replace the box bed with a flat platform that we can mount a series of benches so we can give horse drawn sleigh rides once we have a little snow. 
On a historic note, when we were moving the sled to the basement to start the work one of our staff made the comment about how it seemed strange that a turn of the century farmer would invest in a entirely separate running gear just for snow.  This observation brings up an interesting fact that is entirely foreign to us.  At the turn of the century snow was not bladed off the road but rather packed down to make passible pathways.  It really was not until recent times did villages and highway departments make war on very flake of snow that hit the pavement. 
If you happen to be around the Farm next big snow stop by and see if Bob and Sue are pulling our brand new sleigh.