Friday, November 16, 2012

"New" Plow Before Shots

Posted by Allyson

For the past few weeks, Dick, Paul, and Scott have been working away in the basement to restore an antique plow owned by Jack, a longtime friend and volunteer of the farm. Jack generously offered to loan the plow to the farm, but the plow needed a bit of TLC to get it in working order. The plow is a 2x14 just like the farm’s other plow, meaning that it has two moldboards that each make a 14-inch wide cut as they move through the earth. However, unlike the farm’s other plow, this one has a hydraulic lift since it’s a bit newer (c. 1940), meaning that it can be operated from the tractor with the switch of a lever instead of having to pull a string to raise or lower the plow. Dick, Paul, and Scott have replaced or restored many of the parts already, including the moldboards and shins. Now all that’s left to be done is a bit more rust removal and painting. Check back soon for some photos of their completed work!