Friday, December 7, 2012

Breakfast Time!

Posted by Allyson

I took some photos of breakfast time on the farm this morning for Andres's article in the forthcoming issue of Wagner Tales and thought it would be apt to share a few with you as a follow up to the previous post about lunchtime.  Don't worry!  Although the pigs are not pictured here, they were fed (I was a little late for the start of the morning chores). You always have a good chance of getting a good look at the animals if you stop by around feeding time in the mid-morning and again in the late afternoon.  Be sure look for Andres's article in the next issue of Wagner Tales for more details about what the farmers feed the the animals of Wagner Farm in the winter and what else they do to keep the livestock warm and healthy.  Volunteers and members of the Friends of Wagner Farm should receive a copy within the next week or so.  If you aren't a volunteer or member of the FWF, you can always pick up a copy of the latest issue inside the Heritage Center.