Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Great Find

Posted by Allyson

Wagner Farm is now the proud owner of a 1944 Case tractor.  Jeff spotted the tractor at an auction down state and purchased it a few weeks ago.  It's not bright and shiny (yet), but it is a great find for a couple of reasons.  First, almost of all of the parts and pieces are original to the tractor.  This is exciting for staff and volunteers who have been looking for an original Case hood and fenders so that they can finish restoring the 1942 Case tractor in the basement that originally belonged to the Wagner family.  Second, once the tractor is cleaned up a bit, it will be a perfect addition to the Fordson on display in front of the Heritage Center.  Todd has been looking for another tractor to add outside since the Fordson gets so much use by our young visitors and is only so big.  Now that there's a little more room in the basement since Bob, Paul, Dick, and Scott have finished restoring the silage chopper, volunteers should be able to move the 1944 Case downstairs soon and begin stripping off the parts they need to finish restoring the 1942 Wagner original.  We're hoping that the restoration of the 1944 Case will be an Eagle Scout project.