Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy National Ag Day!

Posted by Allyson

Did you know that it's National Ag Day today?  We suggest celebrating with a trip to Wagner Farm to teach the kids about where their food comes from.  If you stop by for a visit, be sure to thank our hardworking farmers!  Farmer Jeff will be here all day taking care of the livestock and making sure they're well-fed, warm and sheltered from the wind.  Here are a couple of fun facts about farming to share with others as you celebrate:
  • A farmer can grow 24,000 heads of lettuce, 45,000 pounds of strawberries, 14,000 pounds of sweet corn or 36,000 pounds of potatoes on 1 acre of land.
  • 95% of farms today are still family owned. 
  • More food must be produced in the next 50 years than in the past 10,000 years.
A big thank you to all of our farmers and those who are linked to the land!