Saturday, April 20, 2013

Keeping Busy

Posted by Allyson

The farm has been busy this month with school and scout programs during the week, birthday parties on the weekends, and lots of visitors coming out to enjoy a nice spring day on the farm (or a rainy day inside the Heritage Center with the hands-on exhibits!).  As visitor activity picks up, so too has the work of our dedicated volunteers.  They've been out greeting families and teaching them about farm animals, getting the grounds and gardens ready to bloom, keeping Bob and Sue in shape, and making sure all of the tractors are in good working order.  Lots of volunteers have also offered to lend a hand with preparations for Northshore Baconfest and Orion Samuelson's visit next week.  This week, Zac and his job coach Jon cleaned the windows in the Midwest Grocery Store and washed away the dust that had gathered on the rocking chairs this winter.  Thanks, guys!