Thursday, April 4, 2013

Saying Hello & Goodbye

Posted by Allyson

Spring is finally here and so are the livestock!  Yesterday, Emma and her calf Schmidt returned to their home at Volkening Heritage Farm in Schaumburg since their farmer is back from paternity leave.  Rayann will take over for Emma in our milking programs from here on out.  She comes to us from Golden Oaks Farms in Wauconda, IL.  Stop by the barn the next time you're at the farm and introduce yourself.  I think you'll be surprised at her size.  She's a Holstein so she's quite a bit bigger than the Jerseys like Emma and April that were here before her.  Also make sure to stop by the chicken coop and meet our new hens.  They'll be vacationing here at the farm for the next week or so and starring in school programs until our new chicks arrive.  Also still to come in the next few weeks are the 4-H lambs and pigs.  We've almost got a full house (or farm)!