Thursday, May 23, 2013

An evening with Dr. Ross

Last night we held a teamster training class with our equine veterinarian Dr. Ross.  The subject was trouble shooting horse ailments and reading their body language.  Even though I have spent years working drafts I still learned a lot.  One of the parts I found most interesting was how vaccination protocols have changed over the last couple decades and why.
If you have visited the Farm lately you might have wondered why the horses have been in the shed.  Last week Sue had her first episode of colic.  Because staff recognized the signs immediately we were able to turn the situation around and give her the care she needed.  Part of the recovery that was prescribed by Dr. Ross was to gradually reintroduce her to grass so every day she gets one more hour out until the week is up.  Because the horses like to be together Bob got to spend some time in the shed too.  When Dr. Ross checked on her last night he said that she is doing great.