Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Food Patriots Film Screening Tonight

Posted by Allyson

Stop by the farm at 7:00 pm tonight and join Glenview Farmers Market Manager Roxanne Junge and Wagner Farm Community Garden Coordinator Jen Roberts for a screening and discussion of "Food Patriots," a new documentary film in-progress by Emmy award-winning filmmaker Jeff Spitz.  "Food Patriots" focuses on an issue that directly touches all of us - food.  The film tells the personal stories that show ordinary people taking control of food and creating healthier lives, a less polluted environment, a new sense of community, and new jobs.  Touched by his son's struggle with food-borne illness, filmmaker Jeff Spitz weaves his family's humorous story into a tapestry of stories about people who are changing the way Americans eat, buy, and educate the next generation about food.  Hope to see you at the farm tonight!