Thursday, September 26, 2013

Planning your pumpkin-themed harvest party

It's the end of September, so all of us at Historic Wagner Farm know you're already planning a harvest party for all of your friends. If you aren't planning a harvest party... well, maybe we can persuade you to start. Today on the pumpkin docket: games and activities for your next party.

Pumpkin Bowling
Let's get the obvious idea out of the way first. What can you do with a large, round, heavy pumpkin? Go bowling!

Photo courtesy of AWA Meetings / A Wonderous Affair.
Making a pumpkin bowling ball is pretty easy: just find a mostly round pumpkin, carefully cut the stem as close to the pumpkin as possible, and cut out three finger holes. You could go the extra mile and fish out the guts through your finger holes, but let's be honest: Halloween is about all things scary and gross. Why not have your party guests stick their fingers into gooey slime for this game? If you don't have bowling pins at home, you can easily improvise by decorating empty plastic bottles and filling them with a little water.

Pumpkin Hunt
This little guy just wants to
come to your party. Photo
courtesy of Evergreen Farms.
When we think pumpkins, a lot of us instantly conjure up images of large round fruits ready for carving. But what about all those little decorative pumpkins? How can we bring these into our games and fun? Why, have a pumpkin hunt, of course.

Little pumpkins are the perfect size for hiding around the yard or house, and kids will be just as excited to find them as they are to find eggs. While you probably shouldn't carve each pumpkin and stuff it with candy, there are a number of ways to give the classic hunt game a twist. Paint numbers or colors on each pumpkin - you can reward kids with the corresponding prize. Better yet, create a treasure chest of prizes and have kids find a set of numbers or colors to open the chest.

Pumpkin Pinata
Acceptable but less cool version of a pumpkin 
pinata. Photo courtesy of Mexipinata.
Every good party has a pinata, and harvest parties should be no exception. Now, you could take yourself down to the nearest party supply store and get a paper mache pumpkin pinata, but what fun is that? To make your own pumpkin pinata, simply cut out the top, remove the innards, fill the pumpkin with candy, and use some strong rope to hoist that thing up. It's probably best to play this game outside. To create an ultimate mess, set the candy aside to serve after your uncarved pumpkin has been broken.

Pumpkin Slip 'N Slide
Photo courtesy of sighroll.
If you thought pinatas were messy, do we have an idea for you. Every year, millions of valuable pumpkin guts are lost to compost piles and trash cans everywhere. This year, rather than throw those guts out, get out a tarp and spread them all over for your very own pumpkin slip 'n slide. If you want to join in the fun but don't want to get too messy, grab a trash bag and cut out holes for your head and arms before diving in.

While these pumpkin games and activities can be enjoyed by party guests of all ages, you can always add an adult spin to your party activities with some pumpkin cider. 

Tune in each Thursday for creative pumpkin ideas, and stop by the farm to pick up your own pumpkin and try it at home. Have a creative idea? Tweet us your suggestions. Autumn Sale hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.