Monday, January 6, 2014

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Things are quiet. Winter has fallen on the farm, and with the hushed murmurs of the field comes a time for reflection and a time for planning.

The family here at the farm is grateful for the bountiful year we’ve had. Andres practiced his spooling and knitting, the 4-H kids showed their pride at the County Fair, and Carlin shared secrets of the chicken coop by the light of the moon.

The farm was littered with new life, from chicks to kittens to calves. Together as a community, we gathered to celebrate the first-ever Northshore Baconfest, the annual Dairy Breakfast and the fall harvest.  A farm family could not want for a better year.

And so, we begin again.  With a new year, comes a new story. The story of waking up before the sun. The story of caring for a herd. The story of what it means to grow up in the country.  The story of our lives and work on a 1920s dairy farm.

Though the mail can sometimes be slow, we will be sure to post a new letter to you each Monday. Until next week.

Yours truly,