Monday, May 5, 2014

Dear friends and neighbors,

Baconfest. From apple cinnamon bacon muffins to smoked cheddar grits with sweet and hot smoked bacon candy, the Farm was a pretty delicious place to be last weekend.
More than 300 community members spent a sizzling evening enjoying tastings of imaginative bacon creations from 19 local restaurants and sponsors. The night included a side of live music by Sunnyside Up, a cash bar and an interesting mix of bacon-related merchandise. For the second year in a row, the event was completely sold out and raised thousands of dollars for outreach programs for students from schools with limited resources for field trips.

Most of the time, our events are family- or kid-focused, so the fact that adults can have a dedicated night out at the Farm is wonderful. There has been a rise in bacon festivals throughout the nation, and unsurprisingly, the Northshore Baconfest has been a hit for two years now. Even though I'm a big fan of bacon, festivals and supporting local restaurants, this was actually my first experience attending an evening filled with so many ways to eat (arguably) America's favorite meat.

I spent most of my night quietly walking in circles, playing with camera settings and pretending to be disinterested in the people around me in hopes of catching candid photos. But at the end of the evening, when guests were filtering out, there were plenty of leftover goodies for the staff and volunteers to enjoy. I doubt I was the only person leaving the Farm that night with a belly ache!

Baconfest draws an understandable connection between people and the food they eat. The event gives us an opportunity to celebrate the partnership between farming and chefs, and of course our enjoyment of good food.

Thank you to all of the bacon-lovers, local restaurants, sponsors and dedicated volunteers who made this event possible. Last year, the money we raised helped bring more than 700 kids to the Farm, who likely would not have had the chance to visit without your support. Because of your support, we look forward to providing those opportunities again this year.

Until next time,