Monday, June 2, 2014

Dear friends and neighbors,

In 1937, June was named National Milk Month as a way to encourage Americans to include milk as a part of their daily diet. Only a few year's later, the event was renamed National Dairy Month, and became a month dedicated to celebrating not only the nutritional value of milk, but of all milk products and the dairy industry as a major and important contributor to our lives. Throughout the month, there are a number of dairy-inspired holidays:

  • World Milk Day - June 1
  • National Cheese Day - June 4
  • Chocolate Ice Cream Day - June 7
  • Black Cow Day (a "black cow" is also another name for a root beer float) - June 10

Of all of the dairy dates, June 14 is of the most significance at the Farm - it's our Annual Dairy Breakfast! Each year, we celebrate the importance of dairy in our lives with a delicious farm-style breakfast and a bunch of family-friendly activities.

Dairy has played an important role in America’s history since the first cows were brought to Jamestown, Virginia in the early 1600s. Packed with essential nutrients, milk was an important part of the settlers' diets, and continues to be a staple of our diets today.

A recent study found that milk supplies half of all the Vitamin D in the American diet. For kids ages 2 to 18, milk provides nearly two-thirds of all vitamin D in their diet.

It's easy to take for granted how readily available milk is. However, it's only been within the last 150 years that advancements in processing, packaging, refrigeration and distribution have made milk so readily available.

Today’s dairy industry is made up of the farmers, who produce milk; processors, who turn the milk into a variety of wholesome dairy products; and the retailers, who bring those products to us.

There are approximately 51,000 dairy farms in the United States, and about 97% of those farms are family-owned and operated. The majority (74%) have less than 100 cows. Dairy farms sustain rural America and account for more than 900,000 jobs in the United States.

So this June, let’s all raise a nice cold glass of milk to good health and the farmers, manufacturers and retails who work so hard to bring us our favorite dairy products. Come and celebrate National Dairy Month at Historic Wagner Farm for the Annual Dairy Breakfast, which will include a variety of dairy items. Live music, dairy demonstrations, wagon rides, and hands-on activities are offered throughout the morning.

Tickets can be purchased at the door and are $10 for adults and children over 10; $5 for children ages 2-10; children under 2 free. Check our website for more information.

Until next time,