Sunday, November 13, 2011

Final voyage to get home

While you would think getting the Dunbar wagon to the farm would have been the hardest part there was still one more mountain for us to get over before the wagon could be resting at it's new home. We needed to get the wagon off the trailer and down our mega steep ramp to the basement. On this end we are lucky to have a Bobcat that is plenty powerful (thanks JT). Using the Kubota we slowly pulled the wagon to the back of the trailer. From there we used the Bobcat to bring it down the rest of the way. The hitch on the Dunbar wagon takes a 2" ball so we drilled a hole in one of the Bobcat forks and inserted a trailer ball. With this set up we could basically steer the wagon any direction. As we approached the basement ramp we took binder straps and secured the wagon to the running gear and then started the decent. With it really muddy out there was a little worry that the wagon might actually pull the Bobcat down the ramp and in turn would smash the wagon if we lost control. To safe guard against this we chained the back of the Bobcat to a pick-up truck that followed us down the ramp. Quite the operation. I'm happy to report the Dunbar made it safely down the ramp and is now parked next to the 1932 Studebaker truck and enjoying the warm, dry Wagner Farm basement! Now on to start the research on 1909 Dunbar Popcorn wagons.