Saturday, November 12, 2011

On the move

Stressful would be a good description of the overall feeling we had while working to get the Dunbar wagon back to Wagner. Because the current(non-correct) carriage is so far under the body we had to use a Bobcat to pull it out of Hartung's shed. The clearance between the top of the wagon and the bottom of the shed could have been measured with playing cards. It was quite the sight to see five guys stuffed into the wagon to weigh it down so we could get out of the shed. Once the wagon was out then came to task of getting it on the trailer. There were numerous suggestions on how to load it but the professionals from the auction company came up with with the idea of lifting the wagon with Bocats from both sides and then backing the trailer under it. Once on the trailer, we lashed it down carefully and made the slow trek back to the farm.