Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hanging with the girls

As Isabella approaches her 6 month birthday, it was time to let her come out and play with the big girls. It is always interesting to watch the dynamics when someone is introduced into the herd. For Isabella, the first greeting came from Daisy and Buttercup. It took the rest of the afternoon before the girls were content with their introduction. In the bovine world, just like in all the kingdoms, there is a "pecking order", a process by which the leader of the group establishes their predominance over the rest. While we use that phrase in our own lives, it is actually borrowed from the chicken world. Questions like, when do we eat or who eats first and all of the answers to life's questions comes down to the bird who ends up "king of the hill". Just in case you were wondering, Isabella is last in the pecking order.