Sunday, February 5, 2012

Successful Rouladen

One of the dinner's program options we offer is a traditional German meal. Over the course of the last three years it has been picked maybe 10 times. The meal centers around recipes that would have been commonly found in rural regions of southwestern Germany where the Wagners hailed from. The main course is the traditional meat dish called rouladen. To make it you get a thin piece of steak and pound it out with a tenderizer. Then smear on a mixture of cream cheese and mustard. At one end place a slice of carrot, pickle, onion and finally some bacon. Roll it up, pan fry it and then use the drippings to make a brown gravy that it will cook in for a hour or so. Having made this dish a lot I felt pretty confident in it turning out fine. Tonight's dinner was a bit different in that the guests were actually from Germany! While we did the research we were worried our offering wouldn't pass the grade. I am happy to report that we were told it was perfect. Even better, we learned that each area in Germany had special mixes when it came to what the rouladen was stuffed with. For the area the Wagners were from we got it just right, pickle, onion and bacon.