Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Garden Personality

By Jen

Memorial Day weekend was a big weekend for planting -- we're now up to 80 plots planted! And no two plots look alike. In the picture above, you can see seedlings poking through the soil in rows from east to west,  Below, wire cages give a hint about the number of tomato plants in that particular plot.

A garden teepee, like the one below, can be used for different vining plants like beans, all while providing a little shade underneath for lettuce and other greens.

Gardeners have been filling their plots with a combination of established plants and seeds. Below, a gardener has planted different vegetables by seed in rows north to south.

In the plot below, the gardener is using marigolds throughout the plot to keep pests away. Some plants repel insects and animals, while others attract them. Borage and sweet alyssum are great flowers for attracting pollinators to a garden.

A garden gnome is keeping watch over this plot, while I've spotted Sox and Bears flags flying in other plots. Below, a gardener makes use of vertical space by putting up a string trellis for beans. 

Lining a plot with permeable fabric is one way to keep down weeds. The gardeners placed the fabric, then cut holes to plant their seedlings. Fabric like this allows moisture through to the soil but prevents weeds from getting sunlight. Below, another gardener is working with height by growing potatoes in a potato tower. Growing vertically, gardeners can get more vegetables in less space.