Sunday, May 27, 2012

Keeping the Farm "Trim"

Posted by Allyson

There was lots of gardening and landscaping going on at the farm last week with June only a few days away.  If you stopped by the farm on any given day, you likely saw Paul working in the kitchen garden or the flower beds around the farmhouse along with fellow volunteers Andrea, MaryBeth, Scott, and Sue.  They were busy weeding and planting the kitchen garden and cleaning up the farmhouse landscape.  Make sure to take a good look at the front of the farmhouse the next time you cross Wagner Road - it's hardly recognizable with the new forsythias and hydrangeas and all of the bridal wreath cut back!  If you venture down the road a little farther north, you'll also notice that the ditch has been getting some attention lately.  Another volunteer, Richard, has started to bravely tackle the weeds and brush that have begun to grow back since the area was cleaned up and replanted at the end of April.  Take a look back at this blog post to see just how quickly things can go from freshly tilled to overgrown! We are so thankful for our volunteers' efforts to keep the farm looking its best!