Thursday, May 10, 2012

Getting Ready for Planting

Posted by Allyson
Even though the corn hasn't been planted yet, volunteers have already put in many hours getting the tractors and the fields ready. Last week, Dick touched up the steering wheel on the Massey-Harris and repainted it - one of the last finishing touches before the decals are added and it's ready to start! At the end of April, Dick, Paul, and Scott mounted the cultivator on the John Deere A so it's all set to pull up the weeds once the corn has been planted.

Paul started to plow the corn field this week, so it should be ready for planting by the end of May. The field still has to be disked, and it's important that the corn isn't planted too early so that it's ready to be picked in time for the Corn Harvest Festival in mid-October but not before. Last year, our timing was a bit off, and the blackbirds feasted on most of the corn crop before we got to it! Paul was also kind (and patient) enough to pause before he started plowing and give me my first lesson in tractor driving. I don't think I will be plowing or disking anytime soon, but it was definitely a thrill! Thanks, Paul!