Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mapping the terrain

Posted by Jen

We're getting close to letting the new Community Gardeners loose in the garden, but there are a few more steps to accomplish first. A crucial step is assigning the plots. We've got 89+ gardeners of all experience levels to mix with an acre of Wagner Farm's best fields. (It really is a great location, with plenty of sunshine and truly terrific drainage. Trust me, I went searching for puddles and low spots after the recent deluge of rain and came up empty-handed.)

With such a big space to manage, we decided to let Fate help out. I printed all of the names on a sheet of paper, cut them up, and tossed them in a vintage hat supplied by Sarah. After I numbered the plots on our garden map, Sarah and I traded off pulling names from the hat. In a shorter time than we thought possible, all plots had been assigned. One step closer to planting!