Monday, October 1, 2012

Taken for granted

In the next couple days we are going to be losing something that nearly every visitor to Wagner Farm has walk past, our swing tree. When I started at the Farm in September of 2001 we put up a simple 2x8 board and some rope up on the tree that was right in front of the mobile trailer that was our new office and classroom. Little did we know that that swing would become one of the most visited places on the Farm. Over the years that old tree has given us shade for programs, a center anchor for our events and of course, the swing tree. Last year an infestation of emerald ash boars destroyed the tree. With weak branches it is now no longer safe to have on the grounds. I am really going to miss that tree. I pushed Cassidy on that very swing when she was but 2 years old. Now it will be a generation and a half or more before we again have something similar in it's place.