Friday, March 15, 2013

Scouting at the Farm

Posted by Allyson

It was another cold day at the farm yesterday, but we still had a boy scout group join Carlin and Andres for one of our great scout programs, "All Tied Up."  Even though it was quite chilly, they still had a lot of fun using the hay track in the barn to lift and move straw bales.  Traditionally, the hay track (a system of pulleys and ropes with a hay fork at the end) was used to lift hay into the mow or hayloft of a barn.  This work was done using a team of draft horses and a small crew of farmhands.  In the program that we do, the scouts stand in as the horses and pull the rope to lift the fork.  Jeff and Andres demonstrated the hay track at our quarterly volunteer meeting last July and even got some volunteers to stand in as the horses, but I find that it never gets old seeing it used like it (almost) was for so many years.