Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sweeping Away

Posted by Allyson

With not as many programs scheduled in the winter, Christine has had some time the past few months to focus on making some beautiful new handmade brooms for the Heritage Center Gift Shop. She began making brooms to sell in the gift shop and at the Glenview Farmers Market last winter and has developed quite a talent for it over the past year. Each one is made by hand using old fashioned craftsmanship and antique broom making equipment that was donated to or purchased by the farm. Stalks of heirloom broom corn that have been grown and harvested at Wagner Farm are included in each broom so that everyone who purchases one can own a little piece of Wagner Farm history. Last week, Christine even got one of our student volunteers involved in the process by having him help her weigh and bundle the broom corn so that it's ready to be made into brooms. Each broom is certainly a product of labor and love.